Introduction to NovaFlow & Solid CV

– Casting process simulation

Altair has teamed together with NovaCast AB to provide a casting simulation software directly to HypereWorks customers through the Partner Alliance. We are so excited to have a casting solution in the Program that we are having a 45 minute webinar to talk about it before they are even launched!

The webinar is intended to help attendees learn more about the functionality and potentials with using NovaFlow & Solid CV. NovaFlow & Solid CV is a casting process simulation program that is considered FASTER, EASIER and MORE accurate that the competing softwares. NovaFlow & Solid uses the control volume meshing technology which is a great solution for all types of castings but especially thinwalled and castings with complex shapes. NovaFlow & Solid CV has all the functionality that a casting process simulation software normally has and some more unique functions as well.

Who Should Attend?
  • Foundry Engineers
  • Casting Designers
  • Anyone interested in casting quality and design

Hakan Fransson, CEO of NovaCast Sytstems AB and Product Manager will be presenting and answering questions at the end of the presentation.