2012 HWPA Aero Webinar Series

Solutions Tailored to the Aero Industry

The aero industry is constantly evolving in regards to products and technology striving to make the most efficient and lightweight products possible. The use of CAE has been proven to shorten the product development cycle, validation time, and improve the overall products.

Throughout September and October, join the HWPA for a webinar series that focuses on how current HWPA Partners can help users in the aero industry. Eight partners will be presenting case studies on successful projects their customers have completed in a 45 minute session which allows for an intimate Q&A session at the end.

What You Will Learn:
  • The latest in simulation technology to bring innovative products to market
  • Improve decision making through advanced CAE techniques
  • Case Studies and specific examples within the aerospace industry
  • How to maximize the potential of your HyperWorks Units with the HWPA

Who Should Attend:
  • Designers
  • Engineers
  • Management
  • Scientists
  • Engineering Analysts

Presenting Partner
  • LAP and CoDA by Anaglyph- Composites Structures Preliminary Analysis

    • Efficient and speedy stress and strain risk control by preliminary analysis: The webinar will demonstrate the functionalities of both applications, how/where they fit into the process of component structural design, and how they may interact with other applications. This webinar is ideal for anyone involved in composites structural design.

      LAP (Laminate Analysis Program) can be used to analyse any type of composite laminate subjected to known loads and moments. CoDA is used for preliminary design of sub-components with Plate, Beam, Joint, Flange or Laminate geometries. It can also synthesise the properties of composite materials, laminates and sandwich configurations.