2012 HWPA Electronics Webinar Series

Learn About HWPA Partners' Solutions for the Electronics Industry

The electronics industry is a vast and multi-billion dollar business. Staying ahead of the competition is key to insure success in this line of work and bringing products to market faster and more efficiently is critical. Attend these 45 minute presentations that the HyperWorks Partner Alliance Partners are giving to learn how their unique software solutions can help provide the cutting edge you need in various ways.

Who Should Attend?
  • Engineers
  • Designers
  • CFD Engineers
  • NVH Engineers
  • Composite Specialists
  • Thermal Specialists

Disciplines Covered
  • Injection Molding with Moldex3D
      "Efficent Plastic Part Design Validation and Optimization for the Electronics Industry" presentation by Anthony Yang, CTO

  • Composite Modeling with DIGIMAT
      "Simulation of Short Fiber Reinforced Plastics and its Application to the Electronics Industry" presentation by Jan Seyfarth, Product Manager

  • CFD with Software Cradle
      "Leverage your HyperWorks Unit for CFD analysis on electronics applications using scSTREAM" presentation by Yuya Ando, Manager for North America

  • NVH with VMAP
      "Experimental Modal Analysis and FEA-Test Correlation of Printed Circuit Boards"
      presentation by Dhanushkod Mariappan, CEO

  • Materials Database with KEY to METALS
      "How KEY to METALS' Material Database Can be Applied to the Electronics Industry" presentation by Neil Baummann, COO

  • Thermal Management with RadTherm
      "RadTherm Electronics Applications in Enclosures & Systems"
      presentation by Craig Makens, Director of Sales and Marketing